Friday, 6 April 2012

The Farm

Uradale Farm, Shetland

Uradale Farm is a family business and home.

 It covers over 1000 acres of Shetland, an archipelago of islands equidistant between Aberdeen, Scotland and Bergen, Norway.
To the Vikings and traders of the Nordic and Baltic countries, Shetland was at the crossroads of the North Atlantic.
The farm is managed Organically under certification by Scottish 
Organic Producers Association. A very minimum of inputs are imported with the farming philosophy being one of self-sufficiency.

Shetland is rather different in many ways. Trees are a bit of a luxury, but vast seascape views are everywhere. Winters are unpredictable as can be the summers, so Nature has to try a fair bit harder. Seasons are marked by distinct migrations of birds and fish.  

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